Auckland PSI (PsychoSomatic Integration) Institute

Psychotherapy for the Whole Person Training and Supervision for Healers  



         Testimonials on Trauma Training Workshops

 “Huge knowledge. Lots of charisma and warmth. Easy to listen to. Firm boundaries. The group felt held.” —Lenka Rochford         

   "This is brave and important work. Judy is a wise and wonderfully resourced guide in a challenging and confusing terrain.

—Kristin Antarra

What I have learnt here is life changing.” —Elizabeth McCafferty 

About the PSI Institute

Supervision and Continuing Professional Development

Distance Learning

Couples Therapy

Therapists Trained in PSI


Vision,  goals what is PSI?

Workshops on Trauma and Dissociation, PSI Seminars, Individual and Group Supervision

Skype Supervision and Online Courses

Relationship counselling offers a safe

place where each person can be heard....

PSI Training is new, but here

are those that have been

fully trained so far...

Self help articles on empowerment, eating problems, survivors....

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